Canoe & Kayak Tours

Why Scotland?

Scotland’s reputation as a world-class destination for canoeing and kayaking is well-deserved. The country’s stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and tranquil waterways create an unrivaled setting for those seeking adventure and solitude. Many visitors consider their canoeing and sea kayaking experiences to be the most memorable aspects of their time in Scotland, as they immerse themselves in the nation’s unspoiled natural beauty and fascinating cultural heritage.

2 men canoeing 'the washing machine' rapids on river spey

Why Go Canoeing?

Accessibility and Safety

Canoeing is an inclusive activity that caters to people living with varying abilities and disabilities, making it a popular choice among our offerings. With the guidance of our skilled canoe instructors, participants can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.

Versatile Canoes for Diverse Experiences

Our spacious, reliable Canadian-style canoes, accommodating 2 or 3 people, are ideal for brief outings and extended journeys. Scotland’s wealth of magnificent rivers, secluded inland lochs, and sheltered canals provide endless opportunities for exploration by canoe, granting access to otherwise inaccessible locations and offering a fresh perspective on the country’s natural splendour.

Tailored Trips for All Skill Levels

We provide family-friendly canoe trips in stunning settings for those new to the activity, designed to inspire a love for the sport. Experienced canoeists can partake in guided expeditions along legendary routes such as the Great Glen Canoe Trail, the River Spey, or the River Tay, each presenting unique challenges and rewards over several days.

Connecting with Nature

Our guided canoe safaris are a delight for nature enthusiasts. Participants can paddle almost in silence to avoid disturbing wildlife and observe the local ‘residents’ going about their everyday business.  The canoe’s quiet movement allows for intimate encounters with wildlife, creating lasting memories of connection with the natural world.

2 young people Canoeing on a calm Loch Long, west coast of scotland, smll houses in the background

Why In Your Element Canoe Tours?

Customised Itineraries

We take pride in designing routes and itineraries that cater to each group’s specific needs and aspirations. Considering factors such as prior experience and the group’s goals, we aim to surpass expectations on every tour.

Enhancing the Experience

To elevate the experience, we can arrange hot beverages, homemade treats, or picnic lunches to be savoured at picturesque waterside locations. During multi-day adventures, our guides are renowned for the exceptional quality of camp cuisine they prepare, ensuring participants are well-fed throughout their journey.

Expert Guides & Quality Equipment

Our experienced guides are equipped with well-maintained, top-quality gear to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants. Moreover, our knowledgeable guides are eager to share their insights about the local area, its flora and fauna, and the captivating myths and legends shaping Scotland’s cultural landscape. 

sea kayakers paddling on west coast of scotland on sunny day with blue skies, islands in distance in background

Why Sea Kayaking?

World-Class Destinations

Scotland’s spectacular west coast is globally recognised as an exceptional sea kayaking destination. Its countless islands, inlets, and coastal features offer endless possibilities for exploration and discovery.

Safe and Rewarding Adventures

Under the watchful eye of our experienced local sea kayak guides, participants can embark on a safe and gratifying adventure, discovering locations that would otherwise remain unexplored. These serene, remote settings offer a welcome escape from the pressures of daily life, allowing participants to reconnect with nature and themselves.

Tours for All Skill Levels

We offer short, introductory sea kayaking tours in stunning locations in Scotland for those new to the activity, designed to spark a passion for the sport. Experienced paddlers can undertake more challenging or exposed routes spanning several days, testing their skills and endurance while immersed in Scotland’s untamed beauty.

Wildlife Encounters

Nature lovers will cherish the chance to encounter diverse wildlife, including seals, white-tailed eagles, and various other seabirds. The occasional sighting of an otter, dolphin, or whale excites the experience. The sea kayak’s silent movement enables closer encounters with these creatures than ever imagined, creating unforgettable memories.

man sea kayaking on isle of skye coastline with cuillin mountains and blue skies in background

Why In Your Element Sea Kayak Tours?

Tailored Experiences

Our sea kayak tours are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and dedication to excellence, as are our canoe tours. By customising routes and itineraries to match each group’s experience level and objectives, we ensure that all participants’ expectations are met and surpassed.

Enhancing the Journey

To further elevate the experience, we can arrange hot beverages, homemade treats, or picnic lunches to be enjoyed at breathtaking coastal locations. Our guides showcase their culinary skills on multi-day tours by preparing delectable and nourishing camp meals, energising participants for their adventures.

Knowledgeable Guides & Quality Equipment

Our experienced guides are equipped with well-maintained, high-quality gear to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants. Throughout the journey, our knowledgeable guides share captivating insights about the local area, its natural history, and the intriguing myths and legends that have shaped Scotland’s coastal communities.

How to Book

Contact Our Team

Contact the In Your Element office team to start planning your unforgettable canoe or sea kayak tour in Scotland. Our friendly staff will discuss your requirements, advise you on itineraries, and assist you with any logistical considerations.

Information Required for Booking

To offer an accurate quote, we require the following information:

  • Number of participants in the group
  • Group composition (adults or youths, previous experience, special requirements or requests)
  • Experience objectives (e.g. sightseeing, games and challenges, team building, nature-based experience)
  • Time available for the experience
  • Transport availability
  • Proposed date and timings

With this information, our team will create a tailored itinerary that caters to your group’s specific needs and desires, ensuring an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Scotland’s awe-inspiring wilderness.